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Lowel Tota (2) Light Kit

  • Lowel Tota (2) Light Kit
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Product Description

Lowel Tota (2) Light Kit 1,500w

A simple to use and light weight "do all" light kit. A great starter kit on which you can build. The Lowel Tota Light is an extremely versatile light fixture. Powerful, yet compact, the Lowel Tota Light can be used as a key light, fill light or back light. Works great as a key light with an umbrella or a Chimera Softbank. Use it as ambient fill by bouncing off a wall, ceiling or white card.

Need to light a "talking head" interview or evenly light a chroma key green screen?? The Lowel Tota 2 Light Kit will do the job.

Our new padded case, with shoulder strap, has added room for additional gear.

Kit Size: 36" x6" x9"

Kit Weight: 17.5 lbs


  • (2) Tota Lights w/ 16' powercord and safety screens
  • (2) 750w Bulbs
  • (2) Silver Umbrellas
  • (2) 8' Light Stands
  • (1) Case

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