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Aadyntech Jab Daylight LED Par Light for Rent in CT

  • Aadyntech Jab Daylight LED Par Light
    $50.00 per day
    Length of Rental:

Product Description

Aadyntech Jab Daylight LED Par Light for Rent in CT

The Aadyntech Jab Daylight LED provides greater light output than the Aadyntech Jab BiColor, as all the emmitters are daylight 5600K balanced. Get more punch when you need it. Get the equivalent output of a Joker 400w HMI and runs on just 1.77 amps at 110V! Built in dimmer and programmable functions with Lightning and Strobe effects. Convection cooled with no fan noise. No UV or IR emmisions commonly found with HMI lighting.


  • Jab Daylight Head
  • 4 Way Barndoors
  • Jab Lens-15
  • Jab Lens-30
  • Jab Lens-55
  • Jab 1/4 CTO Filter
  • Jab 1/4 Minus Green Filter
  • Jab Scrim Bag

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