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Arri SkyPanel S30-C LED Light Rent in CT

Product Description

Arri SkyPanel S30-C LED Light

Arri SkyPanel S30-C LED Light Rent in CT

The Arri SkyPanel LED Light S30-C is an extremely versatile lighting tool with the ability to produce virtually any color of light. Daylight, tungsten and theatrical colors for creating the perfect effect. Use the SkyPanel as a key or fill light as well as an area space light from above. It's low profile allows it to be tucked in tight spaces. Need to take it outside or anywhere where power is limited? No problem, the SkyPanel runs on 24-36 volt battery power. The SkyPanel S30-C is a two piece system with the light head and power supply, either AC or DC. The rugged head weighs just 16.3 lbs with the AC power supply weighing 4.6 lbs. The combination junior spud allows for mounting on either baby pin 5/8" diameter or junior receiver 1 1/8" stands and clamps. The energy efficient LED engine runs on just 200W, but produces the light output of a 1K Soft Light or 3K Space Light. Color temperature is adjustable from 2,800K to 10,000K as well as plusgreen and minusgreen control. Create subtle pastels or saturated, vibrant colors with the Skypanel. The light aperture measures 14"x11.8" for a broad, even throw. As with all LEDs,the color rendering is most important and the Arri does not disappoint with a 95 CRI and 91 TLCI. With a 50,000 hr average life span.


  • SkyPanel S30- C Head
  • 3m DC Cable
  • S30 Power Supply
  • Power Supply Rail Mount
  • Standard Diffusion Panel
  • Powercon Cable with Edison Plug
  • Honeycomb Grid 60°

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