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LitePanels Gemini LED Soft Light 2X1 Rent in CT

  • LitePanels Gemini LED Soft Light 2X1
    $150.00 per day
    Length of Rental:

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Product Description

LitePanels Gemini LED Soft Light 2X1

LitePanels Gemini LED Soft Light 2X1 Rent in CT

The LitePanels Gemini LED Softlight provides a beautiful soft light source in a 2x1 form factor. Get superior light output and color quality, as well as the ability to produce almost any "party" color. With the Gemini on location, you can virtually match any light source, from daylight to tungsten, LED, HID and fluorescent. Also features plus / minus green control for exact color balance. Like a particular lighting gel? The Gemini is pre-loaded with the industry's most popular lighting filters. A real plus to the LitePanels Gemini is the power supply is built in to the fixture, so no additional power supply and head cable are required. The complete fixture weighs just 22.2 lbs. And with LED's the most important question is "What about light output"? How about in Daylight mode producing 389 footcandles at 5ft. or the holy grail of 97 footcandles at 10ft.! A great advantage to the Gemini is it can be powered by AC or DC with optional battery, just plug it in and go.


3 Lighting Modes:
  • CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) Mode allows for Bi-color (Daylight to Tungsten) operation and for versatility, Gemini allows users to match ambient color with +/- green offset
  • HSI (Hue, Saturation, Intensity) Color Mode allows selection of any color from the full 360 color wheel with saturation and intensity adjustment
  • Gel Mode allows a variety of industry-popular gels to be selected with either daylight or tungsten source.

Always in the right light
True daylight and tungsten LEDs with green fine-tuning to perfectly match ambient color temperatures quickly and accurately. Perfect color rendition from the industry�s most accurate light

Always in Control
Intuitive onboard controls plus remote options including; DMX, Wireless DMX, Bluetooth & the Litepanels Smartlite App. Master/ Replica mode to control multiple lights from one master control light. More flexible control options, for compatibility with existing workflows.

Always Dependable
Seriously stable, consistent lighting you can rely on with no flicker or color shift when dimmed. Flicker-free at any frame rate, shutter angle, or intensity.

Always Ready for Action
Built-in power supply and battery options mean lighter, more agile transportation and rapid rigging with fewer cables and no external ballast. Maximum flexibility, ultimate portability.

Every Color Always Available.
Dial in any color from the 360 degree color wheel as well as popular gels, Six programmable presets for instant color and intensity recall. Any color anytime from the industry�s most versatile light.


  • Color Temperature: Tunable Bi-Color (Tungsten-Daylight) with +/- Green offset Red Green Blue
  • Size: 25x6.5x12.5" / 63.5 x 16.5 31.8cm
  • Weight: 22.2 lbs / 10.1 kgs
  • Power requirements: 28V DC / 100-240 VAC
  • Maximum power draw: 325 W nominal
  • CRI / TLCI: 97 Daylight / 99 Tungsten
  • Control: DMX, Wireless DMX, and Bluetooth

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