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LitePanels Micro On Camera LED Light

  • LitePanels Micro On Camera LED Light
    $12.50 per day
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Product Description

LitePanels Micro On Camera LED Light

There's a new light on the Video and Digital SLR scene. The new source is Litepanels Micro is a compact, lightweight LED camera light with continuous output that runs off AA batteries. Beautifully-suited for high-end digital SLR cameras and compact DV camcorders, this powerful new fixture provides ultra-efficient luminous, soft, directional output.

Brings eyes to life

An ideal fill light, the Micro's cool-running LEDs are especially beneficial for close ups. Conveniently placed dimmer control knob allows instant dial-up of just the right amount of light to fill in unflattering shadows and bring a subject's face and eyes to life.

Easy to Use Continuous Output

The system's fully controllable continuous output lets an operator preview the shot in real time so "what you see is what you get." Unlike strobe lights, there are no problems with red eye and hard-to-use flash.

Lightweight, Runs off AA Batteries

The Micro weighs under 5 oz. and measures 3.3"x 3.3" x 1.5". It runs off of either standard or rechargeable batteries. You get 1.5 hours of continuous output from 4 standard AA batteries or over 7 hours with EnergizerRe2 Lithium AA's. Power can also be supplied optionally through a convenient 5-12V input jack located on the back of the unit.

The compact, low-profile housing comes with an integrated camera shoe with an adjustable tilt mechanism for multiple mounting configurations. So it attaches neatly to cameras like the Nikon D3 or can be easily mounted on a car ceiling, a desk, a wall, or elsewhere, for unobtrusive, out-of-sight illumination.

An integrated dimmer dial located at the top of the Micro's housing provides instant 100%-0 dimming. The unit also features a convenient flip-down filterholder and three included color/diffusion gel filters: 3200 K Tungsten conversion (warm white), 1/4 warming, and diffusion.


  • (1) LitePanels Micro Fixture with Built in Dimming, integrated camera shoe and adjustable tilt mechanism
  • (1) Flip-down filter holder
  • (3) Gel Filters: 3200 K Tungsten conversion (warm white), 1/4 warming, and diffusion
  • (4) AA Batteries

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