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Lowel DV Creator 55 Light Kit

  • Lowel DV Creator 55 Light Kit
    $45.00 per day
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Product Description

Rent Lowel DV Creator 55 Light Kit in CT

The Lowel DV Creator kits combine some of our most popular lights with accessories for increased versatility.

A great light kit for on location lighting where portability and versatility are important. Interview lighting, documentary lighting, from the pro to the new student, the Lowel DV Creator 55 is the perfect lighting kit.

A 500w Rifa-55ex collapsible softlight, a 500w max. focusable Omni-light, a 200w focusable Lowel Pro-light & a 750w max. broad throw Tota-light, with Uni-stands and a handful of light controls in a compact hard or soft case.

Recommended as a great interview 4 light kit for film, video, photo and dv production. Perfect lighting kit for location lighting. Beginners and students learning how to craft their skill will appreciate the Lowel DV Creator 55 Light Kit.

Kit Contains...

1Rifa-lite 55 (LC-55ex)
1 500w, 120v lamp (EHC)
1 Pro-light (P2-10)
1 Pro-light 4-way Barndoors (iP-20)
1 200w, 120v lamp (FVL)
1 Omni-light (O1-10)
1 Omni-light 4-way Barndoors (O1-20)
1 500w, 120v lamp (FTK)
1 Tota-light (T1-10)
1 750w, 120v lamp (EMD)
3 Uni TO Stands (UN-55)
1 KS Jr. Stand (DT-33)
1 Tota-frame (T1-20)
1 Assorted Gels (T1-78)
1 Pro & i Gel Frame (iP40)
1 iP Assorted Gels (iP-78)
1 Flexi-shaft pkg (2) (T1-50)
1 Tota-flag (T1-52)
1 Tota-brella (T1-25)
1 T/O Lampak (TO-61)
1 DP/Tota Lampak (DT-61)
1 TO-83 Case



Weight: 38 lbs

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