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HMI Lighting

HMI Lighting

Daylight 5600K

BarnDoor Lighting is your source for HMI Lighting Rentals in CT. Daily, Weekly and Monthly rentals available. Featuring Arri HMIs and Joker HMIs with the flicker free electronic ballast. Check out our New Arri M18 1800W Lens-less Par! The most powerful HMI that you can plug into a wall outlet.

Item NameRent Per DayQtyLength Of RentalAdd
Joker Bug 200W HMI Par Light
Joker Bug 400w HMI Par Light
Joker 800W HMI Par Light Kit
Arri 575w HMI Par Light
Out of Stock
Arri 1200w Par 64 HMI Light - OLD Style
Out of Stock
Arri 1200 Par HMI w/ Electronic Ballast Single Ended - NEW Style
Arri M18 1800W HMI Light
Aadyntech Punch Plus LED Light = 2500W HMI
Arri 575w HMI Fresnel Light
Out of Stock
Arri 1200w HMI Fresnel Light
Arri 2500w HMI Par Light 2.5K
Arri 4000w HMI Par Light 4K
Arri 4K 4000w HMI Fresnel 19" Lens
Jo-Leko Adapter Joker 800 / ETC Source 4

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