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Barger Baglite 6000W

Product Description

Barger Baglite 6000W

Barger Baglite 6000W

The Barger Baglite 6-Lite V 2.0 is a 6-lamp heavy duty light fixture designed for use with Chimera Video Pro or Quartz Lighbanks in the conventional film and video production environments. With only one lamp burning, the front screen is evenly lit, making it a truly soft source. By utilizing ten high-temperature teflon spacers, the raised profile handle with wood grip, stays cooler and helps to keep the lightbank cooler.

The Barger Baglite gives more light and less heat by using the GE FCM-HIR 650 watt lamps. With their infrared retaining ability, they produce 90%+ of the light of a 1000-watt lamp and less heat output. The stainless steel safety screen attaches with quarter-turn fasteners.

The Barger Baglite 6-Lite V2.0 is under 9" deep and fits into tighter spaces and close against walls. At less than 16 pounds it's easy to handle the the lightbank and stand. Its steel mini triple combo pin fits junior and baby stands. It even pans from a third axis where the bail meets the pin. A unique tilt/lock solution with a cylindrical roller bearing between two hardened thrust races and a steel friction washer eliminates the rouge tilting problem with other lights.

Flip the six 16 amp switches to go from a 300-watt to a 6K, no hot scrims. Plug into three 15-amp household circuits, eliminating the need for a 60-amp cable run or genny. Try that with a 5K! Uses up to six FCM-HIR 650 watt or six EHM 300 watt globes, or any combination totaling six lamps.

Photometrics. Based on the Barger Baglite with six GE FCM-HIR 650 lamps with a medium Chimera Quartz Bank, front screen only with ISO 500 @ 24fps:

Distance 5 feet = T11, 10 feet = T6.3, 15 feet = T4.5, 20 feet = T3.5

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