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Arri Softbank I Light Kit (4) Lights

Product Description

Arri Softbank I Light Kit 2,600W

The Arri Softbank 1 Light Kit is a "top seller" for lighting kits. It's a rugged kit with all the essentials to cover you in many lighting situations. The perfect starter light kit that will last for years. Excellent for shooting "talking head" interviews with the Chimera Softbank mounted on the Arri 1,000W Open Face fixture producing a beautiful soft light. Use the Arri 300W Fresnel as a compact back light. With (2) Arri 650W Fresnels for background specials or fill light. All this packed in a durable wheeled travel case suitable for air travel with (4) Arri AS-2 Light Stands.

Kit Includes:

  • (1) 300W FRESNEL w/ Barndoors and 4 pc Scrim Set
  • (2) 650W FRESNEL w/ Barndoors and 4 pc Scrim Set
  • (1) ARRILITE 1000 Open w/ Barndoors and 2 pc Scrim Set
  • (1) Chimera Video Pro Small 24"x32"
  • (1) Chimera Speed Ring for Arrilite 1000
  • (4) AS-2 Light Stand
  • (1) 571197 Heavy Duty Case (40x19x13 1/2)
Kit Weight: 84 lbs

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