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If you’re new to the Film and Video industry, there are a variety of terms that may come up that you haven’t heard before…acronyms, jargon aka “nick names”, that may show up on quotes or mentioned on set. Many of the terms became popular years ago and have been used ever since. We’ve attempted to mention some of the common terms. However, there are many, many more. Please share them with us and we will update our website.

Lighting Grip Electrical Expendables
Inky = Mole 200w Fresnel Pigeon = Baby Wall Plate Stinger = Extension Cord C47 = Clothes Pin
Tweenie = Mole 650w Fresnel Floppy = 4x4 Flag w/ Flop Down Panel Hand Squeezer = 1,000w Dimmer Trick Line = #4 Black Rope
Baby = 1,000w Fresnel Pancake = 1/8 Apple Box Cube Tap = 3 Way Outlet
Junior = 2,000w Fresnel Candle Stick = Pipe w/ Junior Receiver Quad Box = 4 Way Outlet
4x4 Kino = 4ft 4 Bank Kino Flo Bates = 60a or 100a Stage Pin
Zip Light = 2,000w Soft Light

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