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Got Power?

Do you have the power you need for an upcoming film, video or photo shoot?

If you are shooting in a location and want to run a light over 2,000 watts, you will typically need to tie-in to the main electrical box or arrange for a generator. Either way, we can assist you with the electrical distribution (distro box and cables) you will need as well as a generator.

Barn Door offers two sizes of portable generators—6500 watt (54 amps) and 2000 watt (18.3 amp). If you need a larger generator, we can make arrangements for a 60,000 watt (500 amp) unit to be delivered to your location. Please click on the “electrical” tab on the top menu for electrical distribution and generator pricing. Please give us a call if you need a quote.

Basic Electrical Tips

Electrical wall outlets (plugs) found in homes and businesses are rated at either 15 amps or 20 amps. Modern commercial buildings will only have 20 amp circuits, but older commercial buildings will have some 15 amp circuits. Most residential homes will have 15 amp circuits in the bedrooms and living room and 20 amp circuits in the kitchen and family room. A typical circuit will have up to 10 wall outlets on the circuit.

15 amp circuits are rated at 1800W. 20 amp circuits are rated at 2400W. When you exceed 1800W or 2400W on the given circuit, the circuit breaker will trip, cutting off power. Also take into consideration what is plugged in already.

If power is limited, it is helpful to calculate the amount of amps/watts you will need prior to the shoot, so you can choose your lighting mix or arrange for additional power. Here is a list of sample light fixtures and the wattage and amps they draw.

Fixture Watts Amps
Arri 1000 Fresnel 1,000w 8.3a
Arri 650 Fresnel 650w 5.4a
Arri 300 300w 2.5a
Kino Flo 4x4 300w 5a
LitePanel 1x1 LED 40w .33a
F&V 1x1 LED 30W .25a
Aadyntech Punch LED = 2500w HMI 5a
Arri M18 1,800w 20a
Arri 1200 HMI Par 1,200w 18a

If you aren’t sure how many amps a lighting fixture draws, use the formula below to calculate amps. W=VxA

Watts=W; Volts=V; Amps=A

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