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Dedolight 150W w/ 24V Power Supply

Product Description

Dedolight 150W w/ 24V Power Supply

The Dedolight DLHDIM4 is the complete Tungsten Quartz System with the DLH4 Light Head and the DT24-1 Power Supply.


  • Head
  • Bulb
  • Barndoor
  • Power Supply
The light head of the Dedolight system is extremely compact. With its dual-lens Aspherics2 optical system it provides astounding light output. With a 100W lamp in flood position, its light output is greater than a 300W Fresnel studio fixture. In spot position, its output equals or exceeds a 1000W Fresnel studio fixture. When used with 150W lamps, the Dedo Lights output in flood is over twice as bright as its predecessor and in spot is over three times brighter.


*Extreme focus range, with far reach, clear across the set.

*Higher light output - no stray light

*Cleaner spot. Improved full flood.

*Better barndoor control and improved character of light.

*Great variety of mounting accessories.

*Wide range of lamps and wattages: 12V: 20W, 35W, 50W, 75W, 100W. 24V: 100W, 150W

The DLH4 offers a wide range of powering options - from battery to AC power with color temperature control. A manually adjusted indicator on the rear cover displays whether the installed bulb is 12V or 24V. The inexpensive lamps provide exceptional economy, coupled with astounding life expectancy.

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