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Chimera Quartz Softbox Large 54"x72"

  • Chimera Quartz Softbox Large 54"x72"
    $65.00 per day
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Product Description

Chimera Quartz Softbox Large 54"x72"

Size: Large - 54x72 in. , 135x180 cm.
Model: 8444 Quartz Large + 1 Bank
Depth: 38 in., 75 cm.
Rating: Up to 12,000 watts

CHIMERAŽ's QuartzTM Lightbanks use exclusive compound fabrics and other quality materials and are built to withstand the rigors of high temperatures from lights up to 12,000 watts for hours at a time. CHIMERAŽ's QuartzTM Lightbanks are standard depth Lightbanks designed to modify HMI PAR and tungsten open faced lights into a big, beautiful, broad source!

CHIMERAŽ's QuartzTM Lightbanks fit CHIMERAŽ Circular Speed Ring sizes 9 through 21.5 inches (23 to 55 cm). You can also combine up to 4 LowelŽ DPs or 3 LowelŽ Totas. In addition, you can use CHIMERAŽ Video ProTM Speed Rings and CHIMERAŽ QuartzTM with Video PROTM #4099 adapter poles.

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