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1 Ton Grip Van | NO LIGHTS

  • 1 Ton Grip Van | NO LIGHTS
    $400.00 per day
    Rental Days:
    Mileage 1.00/mile:

Product Description

Our Grip Vans are perfect for your smaller video, film or photo shoot.

Each Van comes with (2) Hampers and (1) Magliner hand truck for quick and easy load ins and load outs. A full Expendables Kit including Gel Rolls, Gel Sheets, Foam Core, Bead Board, Black Wrap, Clothes Pins, Sash Cord, and Gaffers Tape.

Order the "grip only package" and then customize your lighting package from our extensive inventory of lights from Arri, Mole-Richardson, Kino Flo, Dedolight, K5600 (Joker), Chimera , ETC Source 4 and more...

Mileage Charge: mileage is calculated round trip -from our shop, to location, and back to our shop.

***Please Note***

Customers cannot drive our trucks.
Our trucks can only be driven by one of our drivers.
We can recommend a certified driver that will work as a grip or electrician and will be paid at an additional rate directly by the customer.

Equipment Included

Stands Hardware Nets/Flags Electrical Miscellaneous
(8) C-Stands 40" (1) Combo Head / Lollipop (2) 18"x24" Solid Flags (12) Stingers (8) 25ft, (4) 50ft (12) Sandbags 20lb
(4) Arri Baby Kit Stands (2) Grip Heads (1) 18"x24" Single Nets (1) Edison Quad Boxes (2) Full Apple Boxes
(3) Beefy Baby Stand 3 Rise (2) 20" Grip Arms (1) 18"x24" Double Nets (2) Cube Taps (2) Half Apple Boxes
(2) Combo Stand 2 Rise (2) Baby Wall Plates (1) 18"x24" Silks (1) 1000w Dimmers (2) Quarter Apple Boxes
(1) Junior Wall Plate (2) 24"x36" Solid Flags (2) 1/8 Pancake Apple Boxes
(1) Duckbill Clamp (1) 24"x36" Single Nets (2) Sound Blankets
(3) Cardellini Clamps (1) 24"x36" Double Nets (2) Spring Clamps - Large
(2) Spud Adapters / Junior to Baby (1) 24"x36" Silks (8) Spring Clamps - Med
(2) Mafer Clamps (2) 4x4 Floppy Flags (6) Spring Clamps - Small
(4) Scissor Clamps (2) 4x4 Open Frames
(1) C-Clamp w/ Baby Stud
(1) Baby Offset
(1) Junior Offset
(2) Gaffer Grips
(1) C-Boom Clamp

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