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3 Ton Grip Truck - TUNGSTEN LIGHTS

  • 3 Ton Grip Truck - TUNGSTEN LIGHTS
    $600.00 per day
    Rental Days:
    Mileage $1.00/mile:

Product Description

3 Ton Grip Truck - TUNGSTEN LIGHTS

Includes the 3 Ton Grip Package plus these lights.

Item Item
(4) Mole 200W Inky Fresnels (2) Arri 1000W Open Face
(4) Arri 650W Fresnels (1) Arri 2000W Open Face
(2) Arri 1000W Fresnel (1) Arri 1000W Soft Light
(1) Arri 2000W Fresnel (1) Arri 2000W Soft Light

Mileage Charge: mileage is calculated round trip -from our shop, to location, and back to our shop.

***Please Note***

Customers cannot drive our trucks.
Our trucks can only be driven by one of our drivers.
We can recommend a certified driver that will work as a grip or electrician and will be paid at an additional rate directly by the customer.

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